Wilful Blindness Series Part 1: The Maxwell Pension Fraud

A person is deemed legally to be wilfully blind by somehow managing not to know something they could or should have known; but why are people ignoring the warning signs? By understanding why it is human nature to turn a blind eye to certain things, we can make better decisions to prevent pitfalls and disasters from occurring.

This series of articles aims to offer insight in to high profile instances of wilful blindness and highlight what can be learnt from them. More articles will be added in the run up to the Imagine Conference taking place on 12 February 2020.

The first in the series lifts the lid on the Robert Maxwell Pension Fraud and asks the question, why did so many turn a blind eye to the warning signs?

It is nearly three decades since the Maxwell scandal shocked Britain to its foundations. Looking back, it is obvious that Robert Maxwell was the mastermind behind the fraud, he was even the inspiration behind a James Bond villain. The question we should ask is not what he did, but what others could have done? How could so many people have been wilfully blind to his web of deception? Were there warning signs to which people turned a blind eye? What could have been done to prevent this from happening?

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