Transitioning to a new job during lockdown

Joining a new business is an exciting time…

New challenges, new opportunities and new colleagues are all a massive part of taking on any new role, not to mention a new commute, office, new ‘desk neighbours’ and finding the nearest coffee shop.

Starting a new role during COVID-19 has made this very different. The new challenges and opportunities still exist; however, the personal/social side to joining a business and building new relationships has changed. The reliance on technology has increased significantly as well as the importance of personal interaction and communication while working remotely.

All of the recent changes meant I wasn’t sure how everything would work and how the personal interaction would be. I needn’t have worried because at Lincoln, lots of thinking and effort has gone into both the new starter experience during lockdown, and what can be done to make sure everyone across the team is getting enough support, development, communication and interaction. Colleague feedback is sought and acted upon.

And so, although the new starter experience was more ‘digital’ than perhaps in other times, the team at Lincoln could not have made my recent joining experience any more welcoming. Simple but critical matters like HR onboarding and IT equipment set-up were extremely well organised. The entire team also made themselves available and went out of their way to spend time helping me orient myself to the business and its culture – one I am delighted to be part of.

Sure, I’m still yet to go into the office and meet my ‘desk neighbours’ in person, but the daily commute to the home office hasn’t been too bad and the kitchen has plenty of coffee!

Neil Ford, Head of Business Performance, Change & Governance.

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