Pension Accounting Deficit or Surplus? Why it’s irrelevant

Our webinar will give you a clearer picture of the underlying issues; a firm grasp of the size of your pension risk obligations; and empower you to be better prepared for risks going forward.

The calculation of the ‘true’ pension deficit which appropriately reflects the underlying risks being run is not straightforward, and is certainly not the one that regularly appears in the accounts. There are a number of different approaches, and whichever approach you choose will give you a different pension risk perspective.

What we can say, with regard to pensions, is that your company accounts may not give a true and fair view of your defined benefit pensions risk.

Disclaimer: This is not an accounting webinar. We look to demonstrate why corporate accounts do not present the full picture in respect of pensions risk, and what the real question to ask should be – is the employer covenant strong enough to underwrite the risk being run? By listening to this webinar and understanding the integration between covenant, funding and investment risks, companies may better prepare themselves for any inevitable storms ahead.