Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) factors are increasingly on the trustee agenda.

While much thought has gone into identifying sustainable investment, trustees and sponsors are also now beginning to think about the impact of ESG risks on the employer covenant.

Most sponsors will face challenges from ESG factors and climate change in particular. At Lincoln Pensions, we are at the forefront of helping clients evaluate those risks. We have developed innovative offerings in this area to help provide trustees and sponsors with practical steps to help them meet this challenge, whether that is helping to understand the possible impact of rising sea levels on operations or government policy responses increasing operating and financing costs.

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Webinar: Today from 10-10:45am, Managing Director Michael Bushnell will be talking about how covenant is a crucial factor in ESG and yet seems to have been forgotten.  At the end of this webinar he will be providing a better understanding of the issues and practical approach to help make a change. Register and book your place for the webinar ”ESG and Employer Covenant – the forgotten child?” via this link.


Managing Director Michael Bushnell explains that Lincoln Pensions’ role, as employer covenant and related services advisor, is to look for the potential issues that might arise in a sponsor company, so that the pension fund trustee is prepared for them. Read Michael Bushnell’s full article “Be prepared to fix it or pay for it” on the Cardano website.


Watch the webinar recording of ‘Exploring two big challenges for the pensions industry’. In this webinar, we explore how the pensions industry can tackle both known and unknown challenges related to climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. Michael Bushnell talks about climate change and covenant and Dana Day looks at three scenarios when we emerge out of the coronavirus pandemic.


Watch the video with Luca Taschini, Reader in Carbon Finance, University of Edinburgh Business School sharing his insight on climate change and the new framework developed with us to help trustees and sponsors tackle this challenge.

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Read our blog: Are you climate change ready? Michael Bushnell, MD, explains the main reasons why climate change impact on covenant is often ignored and explains how a new framework devised by us in collaboration with Luca Taschini, Reader in Carbon Finance, University of Edinburgh Business School, may help.


Watch our videoIn conversation with Margaret Heffernan’, the award-winning author. In this video Margaret talks about navigating uncertainty with coronavirus and climate change. She shares her insight on both of these events in the context of ‘wilful blindness’ exploring have we chosen to ignore the issues? This video is a continuation of the Imagine Conference which was themed ‘Wilful Blindness’ in the pensions industry that took place on 12 February 2020.

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To discuss the impact of climate change on your employer covenant, email Michael Bushnell or call him on 07921 992 479.

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