• 19 March 2018

    DB White Paper is published – read our comments

    The DB white paper was published on 19th March 2018, by DWP. This had been eagerly awaited since the Autumn. You can read the full version of the white paper here. Darren Redmayne, CEO was quoted in Pensions Expert, on the issue of fining neligent trustees of DB schemes: “If you’re going to go in that direction you […] More

  • 28 February 2018

    Funding level improvements – how do we keep up the momentum?

    Most pension schemes enjoyed improvements in their funding levels over 2017, but the recent equity market correction served as a helpful reminder of the risks that schemes remain exposed to. These risks may impact the scheme’s assets, liabilities, or its sponsoring covenant – risk factors that impact more than one of these areas collectively are […] More

  • 7 February 2018

    Pension Protection Fund Levy Certification – deadline approaches

    By 31st March 2018, trustees and sponsors need to have submitted certifcations for any contingent assets which they are seeking levy reduction from for the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) 2018/2019 levy year. Some trustees will be looking to certify group company guarantees (“Type A” contingent assets), whilst others may be seeking to value asset backed contribution (“ABC”) structures. […] More

  • 29 January 2018

    Adolfo Aponte comments on the news that Barclays Bank plans to leave its £32bn scheme attached to its investment banking arm

    Adolfo Aponte, Director, Lincoln Pensions, commented in IPE on the news that Barclays Bank plans to leave its £32bn scheme attached to its investment banking arm, effectively extracting its core retail banking unit from the employer covenant. The move follows legislation passed in the wake of the financial crisis that requires banks to split – […] More

  • 23 January 2018

    Unilever contributed £600m to pension deficit – Richard Farr comments in Pensions Expert

    RIchard Farr was quoted in Pensions Expert on the news that Unilever had contributed £600m to its £1.2bn DB deficit. Richard explained “Deficit contributions are generally used for de-risking purposes. Having said that, what you may find in some situations is the trustees have been maybe too prudent, in the employer’s mind,” The full Pensions Expert article includes contributions […] More

  • 21 December 2017

    We comment on the news about Toys R Us insolvency talks

    Richard Farr, Managing Director commented in response to the Toys R Us insolvency talks. His comments were published in Pensions Expert. He was quoted, “Transfers between parents and subsidiaries are not unusual. It’s quite common – unfortunately too common – for employers of schemes to lend money upstream in times of plenty, and of course when […] More

  • 23 October 2017

    Worry Index: How safe is my pension? New study launched

    We recenty lanched a ‘first of its kind’ study of FTSE 100 defined benefit pension risk, namely The Worry Index. The Worry Index is a study of FTSE 100 defined benefit pension risk. The study was carried out jointly with Cardano. It is an analysis of the overall health of FTSE 100 defined benefit pension schemes and their […] More

  • 8 September 2017

    Matthew Harrison comments on the impact of Brexit, for Investment & Pensions Europe

    Matthew Harrison was quoted in an Investment & Pensions Europe article, on the impact of Brexit uncertainty on employer covenant. It’s testing times for pensions trustees and with Brexit and it’s uncertainty, comes further potential volatility. Below are Matthew’s quotes in the article: “Trustees are striving to understand the correlation between the investment portfolio and risk in […] More

  • 4 September 2017

    Richard Farr comments on RAAs for Investment & Pensions Europe

    Richard Farr, was quoted in an Investment & Pensions Europe article, on the use of regulated apportionment arrangements (RAAs) in insolvency events. Below are his quotes: “Insolvency destroys value and if there is some value in the employer, then it is worth doing.” “They are expensive, but RAAs were designed to maximise value extraction prior to insolvency […] More

  • 26 July 2017

    Pension risk and the synergies between Lincoln Pensions and Cardano discussed in Corporate Adviser

    An article written by John Greenwood, on pension risk and the synergies between Lincoln Pensions and Cardano, appeared in Corporate Adviser. In the article, Darren Redmayne, Lincoln Pensions CEO, and Kerrin Rosenberg, Cardano UK CEO, shared their thoughts on pensions. They talk about: Integrated Risk Management, DC pensions, economic scenarios plus touching on other topics. Read […] More