About us

Lincoln Pensions is the covenant advisory business of The Cardano Group, the purpose-built investment and risk specialist, operating in the UK and the Netherlands. It has grown over recent years into the UK’s leading specialist covenant advisor with a nationwide offering comprising professionals with backgrounds in credit risk analysis, corporate finance, corporate banking, actuarial, legal and regulatory advice.

Our values

Lincoln Pensions continuous objective is to be the best covenant advisor in the marketplace. In pursuing this, we believe:

  • specialist Covenant advice is pivotal : We believe covenant strength is central to effective risk management. That advice is pivotal to the management and resolution of pension issues.
  • Client service is paramount : We work with intellectual integrity. Our advice is clear, complete, independent and pragmatic. We give people the facts, however challenging.
  • a Collaborative approach usually delivers superior results : We seek the best possible outcome. We do this through a collaborative and constructive approach to working with the sponsor, trustees and other advisors.

Although we do not provide actuarial or investment advice we work alongside our clients’ existing advisors to provide the added-value of independent and objective covenant advice.

The Cardano Group

Lincoln Pensions is an independant subsidiary of The Cardano Group.

The Cardano Group (“Cardano Group”) is a purpose-built investment and risk specialist, operating in the UK and the Netherlands.  Founded in Rotterdam in 2000 under the motto “rethinking risk, for a better outcome”, it established its operations in the UK, Cardano Risk Management Ltd (“Cardano UK”) in 2007.  Cardano offers clients specialised advisory and fiduciary management services helping pension funds achieve a steady stable growth in funding ratios with fewer shocks. Across Europe, they work with a number of major European pension funds and insurance companies.

Strategic alliance with Lincoln International

The strategic alliance with Lincoln International, gives clients access to invaluable sector insights and global market trends – all of which are critical to giving clients a forward-looking perspective.

Lincoln Pensions has a strong track-record in advising the UK pension schemes or their sponsors that are part of multinational groups. It is able to utilise the geographic reach of Lincoln International to assist in developing a productive dialogue with the ultimate owner of the sponsoring employer.

More information on Lincoln International can be found at: www.lincolninternational.com

Modern Slavery Act transparency statement

Lincoln Pensions does not provide services in sectors that are at a high risk of using forced labour; such as agriculture, construction, hospitality and manufacturing.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards and do not tolerate unethical practices anywhere in our business. We are committed to understanding the modern slavery risks, and ensuring that there is no modern slavery in our business and supply chains.

Please click here to download the full transparency statement.

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